Are you a computer enthusiast who would like a custom built PC made to your specification? Or a business requiring purpose built computers? We are able to build, install and configure your ideal computer.
  • Small Businesses wanting reliable PC’s to support them in their day to day activities

We have supplied convenience stores, architect companies and charities with computers built for reliability.

  • Students wanting high-end computers for their Architecture courses

We have been approached by students requiring computers to run high-end graphics software and processor intensive tasks.

  • Gamers wanting high-end graphics and performance from their PC’s

We are proud to build PC’s to specification for gamers who require something different including custom cases, cooling and internal lighting.

  • Enthusiasts who want simplicity and computers made for a specific purpose

You may need a computer specifically for storage and in this scenario we would cater for large capacity hard drives. This service allows you to spend your money wisely on components you need and to gain the full benefits from your computer.

If you require a Custom Built PC built to last, contact us Today and we can assist as fast as possible

What are the benefits of having my computer custom built?

  • Computer Case – High quality, impressive designs, optional see-through side window
  • Quality Components – Only the top quality brand manufacturers are used to provide stability and reliability
  • Performance – We can increase the speed by installing faster memory modules and SSD (Solid State Drives) to increase speedBudget – We can work to a budget to have your ideal PC made, spending wisely on components that matter most
  • Size – The option of choosing a size for your computer, whether it be cube sized or mid-tower sized, the choice is yours
  • Extra peripherals – Wireless Adapters, Internal Card Readers and other peripherals can be added to your custom PC