Aman's Computer Services

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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery has become such an important service as the most precious entity of the computer is the Data you save and use. Data can be can be accidentally deleted or corrupted. When hard drives and other storage media such as USB Drives begin to fail your Data can also be lost.

Aman’s Computer Services offer low cost Data Recovery services to try and retrieve your Data back.

We can assist in the following common areas:

  • Unable to load Windows
  • Unable to login to your User Profile
  • Accidental Deletion of files
  • Damaged Hard Drives
  • Damaged USB Drives
  • Computer Failures

If you require Data Recovery services, contact ACS today and we can assist you. We do our utmost best to get your Data back but unfortuantely we aren’t able to guarantee if or how much Data can be recovered as this depends on the extent of damage inflicted on the Storage Medium.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

We're still open over the COVID-19 Pandemic however as a responsible Business we are no longer doing Site Visits or Call-outs. We are providing Remote & Telephone Support only. Thank you