Hosted Desktops, or Private Cloud Servers, are logical servers that are built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the Internet. Cloud servers have similar capabilities and functionalities of a typical server but are accessed remotely from any location. This prevents the need to invest in IT Infrastructure or on-premise Solutions.

The Servers we host for our clients are used in various ways. Our most common Server setup is our Sage Hosted Desktop; these Servers allow clients to have their own individual User Accounts to remotely access Sage or any other Application any where at any time.

Work from anywhere - Even home!

The ability of being able to work from home is possible with the help of Cloud solutions such as Office 365 and Google Apps. With applications such as Teams and Google Meet, you can be anywhere and still collaborate with your work colleagues or friends.

Aman’s Computer Services work with both Microsoft and Google platforms, making the transition as smooth as possible to implement Cloud Solutions.

We have migrated many of our clients away from on-premises solutions with a server in the office to Remote Desktop Solutions and Office 365 Business packages.

Applications which we have moved across include Sage Accounting Products, Database Packages and Custom bespoke software tailored to clients.

If you require Hosted Desktop Services and the ability work from anywhere, contact us Today and we can provide you the best suited solution

The benefits of Hosted Desktop Services

  • Completely managed Hosted Server solution
  • Connect using a Remote Desktop Connection
  • Access your Private Cloud Server from any where at any time
  • Scalable; Resources can be added such as Storage or RAM at any time
  • Tailored to meet your requirements, whether it be for Sage Accounting Software, Microsoft Office or any other application
  • Competitive Pricing tailored to your requirements
  • Data kept within the UK
  • Fast Support by Email/Phone and Text
  • Fast, Reliable and Secured by AES 256bit encryption

We are GDPR Compliant and registered with the ICO. All data we handle is treated in a safe and secure manner.