The computer Power Supply is a major component and provides enough power to allow all your devices to function properly, faulty power supplies cause abnormal behaviour and system failures.

Aman’s Computer Services offer low cost Power Supply Repairs and Upgrade services and solutions to ensure your components are receiving the correct voltage/current.

We can assist in the following common areas:

  • Computer not turning on
  • Computer overheating
  • Certain components not working
  • Computer instability
  • Fan cleanouts

If you require a Repair or Upgrade of your Power Supply contact us Today and we will check if we are able to source the part(s), from our reputable suppliers, and get the items ordered and fitted as fast as possible

The benefits of repairing your Computer rather than replacing

  • Save the cost of a new computer
  • It can cost far less than you may have thought
  • It may only be small fault
  • You can re-use the device for another purpose
  • It can be utilised by a friend or family member
  • To replace can have an impact on the environment