The upkeep of your website can be an important factor, especially if you run an eCommerce store that requires products to be added/removed or regularly updated. Even standard or informational websites can require constant change to keep up with the competition in your business area.

We are able to provide a website maintenance service that is tailored to suit you; whether it be monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Some of the maintenance changes we provide to our customers are:

  • Promotional banners that change every season
  • Promotional offers for convenience stores that change monthly
  • Adverts that require to be displayed or removed
  • Adding/Removing/Editing products for an eCommerce store or online catalogue
  • Updates and Upgrades of your Website Platform (Joomla, Magento, WordPress)
  • Patches and Security Updates for Extensions and Modules your website may utilise.

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Do you require Hosting and Domain Services?

We are a Website Hosting and Domain Provider utilising the very best in Cloud based server technology.

Below are some of the advantages we are proud to provide:

  • The best guaranteed service for your website utilising multiple machines
  • Redundancy and no single point of failure
  • Located all around the world, your website will be viewable by the nearest cloud server to your geographical location
  • Scalability; server resources are flexible allowing us to provide your website more resources if required

Do you require Website Security Services?

The security of your website is one of the most important factors, a broken compromised website is as good as having no website at all.

Our Website Security Services include:

  • Removal of malware/adware
  • Website Updates and Migration
  • Website Rebuilds
  • Website Protection
  • Spam Filtering
  • …and more!